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Supporting Behaviour

All staff at Sherdley Primary support all children with level 1 quality first behaviour; meeting our Sherdley expectations. We also have a team of staff who are responsible for supporting children when their behaviour changes and is negatively impacting on their learning, friendships and school life - we refer to this as a barrier to learning.

The team is led by Mrs Bennett  and supported by Mrs Stroud, Miss James, Mrs Lakey, Mrs Bridge and Mrs Eccleston. We recognise that children's behaviour can change over time, with age, with academic expectation as well as with external factors - perhaps a house move, change to sleeping routines, new baby, berevaement or school change. We are experienced in supporting children with a medical diagnosis which may impact on their day to day behaviour.

We have a graduated approach to supporting behaviour. The pastoral team supports staff and children who require strategies and techniques above level 1 quality first teaching. This may include class based strategies, small group intervention, extensive support for longer periods of time or consideration for referrals to external agencies.  We encourage parents and carers to keep their child's class / year group team update of changes that may impact upon their child's behaviour. 


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