Sherdley Primary School
Growing Together, Respecting Each Other

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SEN Contact: Mrs K Bennett

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Welcome to Sherdley Primary School


We are more than just a ‘Good’ school, we are a school that puts children first and considers their academic, social and emotional needs.

Welcome to Sherdley Primary School. We believe that our curriculum is creative, exciting and engaging and meets the needs of our children and its local community. Our most recent Ofsted report (July 2017) reflects the great work that we do at Sherdley. We set high expectations and continually strive to raise standards by providing stimulating learning opportunities and experiences that make learning enjoyable. Our academic results have continued to rise over the last 3 years and are now either inline with, or above, national averages; our greater depth children at the end of key stage 2 did much better than the national averages. One thing we are continually told by visitors to school is ‘how polite and well-mannered’ our children are; this is something that we are very proud of.


Growing together, respecting each other.