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School Uniform

School Uniform can be purchased via our uniform supplier:

Only the clip on tie (£3.90), PE bag (£5.00) & Reading bag (£6.60) can be purchased from the school office.

UniformSummer Term Options
Dark grey long trousers. Dark grey pinafore dress or skirtDark grey shorts, light blue gingham dress – optional in the summer term only.
Blue badges V-necked pullover or blue badged V-necked cardigan
Pale blue shirt buttoned to the neck and school clip-on tie (clip on tie only is available at the school office)Sky blue badged polo shirt – the summer term only.
Plain black sensible shoes - NO trainers or shoes with coloured designs or 'flashing lights'
Black/grey ankle or knee length socks, grey tightsWhite ankle or knee length socks
In the Reception classes only, the boys and girls may wear blue badged polo shirts all year round with either a badged V-necked or badged cardigan sweatshirt
Pre-school uniform: A pale blue badged polo shirt, blue badged sweatshirt and grey trousers/joggers/leggings/shorts + Velcro fastening shoes/pumps
We would encourage hats, scarves and gloves during the winter months. Knitted hats are allowed to be worn on the playground during winter months.School caps are encouraged to be worn on the playground during the summer months.
School bags and coats should have the child’s name in and be of a type that can be stored on the child’s peg. Optional badged school coat and/or fleece can be purchased from HiVis. ‘Named’ brands are discouraged.
Long hair should be tied back at all times – no extremes of hair style or ‘patterns’ cut into hair. Make up and nail varnish is not allowed.
Any earrings MUST be studs and will need to be removed for PE lessons or sports based activities, this is due to health & safety reasons.

Sports Kits

Plain white t-shirt or polo shirt.As indoor with an additional layer of plain black or navy jogging bottoms and sweatshirts.
Plain black or navy shorts
Black pumps or bare feetTrainers are allowed for outdoor work but avoid expensive styles as they may get wet/muddy
P.E. bags should be the drawstring type and be named. They can remain in school all week and be taken home at weekends for washing
No jewellery, including watches, is allowed at all during P.E. sessions. If a child cannot remove earrings by themselves, will be given an appropriate role within the lesson, ie, coach. Any child missing a P.E. lesson due to a medical condition will be expected to bring a note from the parent explaining the reason.
Aerosol deodorants are not allowed as they trigger some asthmatics. Roll on and stick types are suitable alternatives.

NEW ITEM – we now have stock of winter beanie hats – £4.50 each, available from the school office.


Swimming Kits

Children going swimming must bring their kit in a separate bag.
They need a towel and either trunks or a full costume. Bikinis and long swimming shorts are not allowed.
It is a good idea for those with long hair to wear a swimming cap.

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