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Covid-19 Catch-up Premium

From the DfE Guidance (31st October 2020) and the research carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF):

Children and young people across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds will be among those hardest hit. The aggregate impact of lost time in education will be substantial, and the scale of our response must match the scale of the challenge.

Schools’ allocations will be calculated on a per pupil basis, providing each mainstream school with a total of £80 for each pupil in years reception through to 11.

Schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.

At Sherdley Primary School we are currently look at how best to support children and we can respond to this challenge. We are looking at sevearl options that we feel will enhance the education that we already oofer, these include:

  • The purchase of devices that can be loaned out to children to support home learning opportunities
  • The purchase of targeted CGP work packs
  • The purchase of online learning resources, particuluary to support KS2 reading
  • The employment of a teacher to support children in KS1 with their phonics knowldege and understanding
  • ‘Buying’ into the National Tutoring Programme that would allow us to have teachers/tutors target support within KS2 for English and Maths. This will be tailored catch-up tutoring for 15-hours per child, for those identified children

Further details can be found in the Covid-19 Catch Up Premium Plan (see below), this will regularly be reviewed and updated.

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